HotLine Instructions

Welcome to the CREI HotLine!

When you send an eMail to your Specialization, such as CCLS, CRIR, CCSS, or CLSS @Commercial-Real Estate, it goes to all Specialists and Instructors with your designation.

To respond to an eMail you receive from the HotLine (an eMail from the HotLine list is referred to as a "Post"), simply reply as you reply to any eMail message (this varies based on the Browser Software you are using). If you have any questions about "Posting", feel free to eMail (Amy is the Manager of the HotLine system)., or me directly at

Important Suggestion: Whenever you send a message to the HotLine, or you reply, be sure to include YOUR email address with your name at the bottom of YOUR emails to the HotLine (you can set this up as an automatic "signature" in your software). That way, if someone wants to contact you privately (called "off-line"), they can send YOU an email directly by clicking on YOUR email address, rather than hitting the "Reply" button, which sends the message to everyone on the HotLine.

Here a just a few suggestions for using YOUR HotLine:

1. Post wants and Needs

2. Offer a referral

3. Ask a technical question

4. Offer the name and phone of a GOOD due diligence company

5. Share an important lesson you learned on a deal...

I will be "posting" a few more items and then fade away as this is YOUR List. I am here to help if you need me.

For more helpful hints about using this hotline, click here.

Good lucků

Mike Moloney, President

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