More HotLine

Instructions and Help

1. Just click on "reply" to reply to a message you receive on the HotLine.

2. You can follow a "thread’ of conversation by keeping the same "subject" in your reply.

3. To introduce a new topic, instead of using "reply", just send a new email to your HotLine address, which is your certification name, such as CCSS, CLSS, CCLS, or CRIR,

4. HotLine simple rules:

    a. Use it for real estate only.

    b. Use common courtesy.

5. You can "save" messages by topic or in a folder just for the HotLine. Here’s how (if you use Outlook or Outlook express):

    a. Right click on your Inbox, and then click on "new folder"; name it HotLine.

    b. Outlook Express: Click on "Tools", then "Message Rules", then "Mail", then "New".

    c. Outlook: Click on "tools", then "rules wizard" and follow the instructions.

    d. Set up a mail "rule" or "sort" called "HotLine", and send all messages from HotLine to your HotLine folder.

Give us a call at 602-285-1433 for more help, or send an email to

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