By using any of the forms on the website of the Commercial Real Estate Institute, Inc., you agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Commercial Real Estate Institute, Inc. (CREI), its officers, employees, agents, and instructors, from any liability or loss suffered by any party that may result from the use of the forms hereon. The CREI hereby advises you to modify the forms to accommodate both the particulars of any specific transaction as well as the jurisdiction, site, venue, location of the property as well as the interests and instructions of the principals to the transaction, and NOT to use any forms "as they are" on this website without such adaptation.


To change, fill in, save, and print the forms from the CREI Members Only website

You can simply hit the "print" icon. Printing from the website may have poor quality copy or strange formatting. And, it will be a blank form that you canít change.


If you want to actually Use the form by inserting your name, filling in blanks, adding text, changing the format, etc.:

You can save it as a Word or text "txt" document, which will be easier for you to reformat, insert words, PLUS, the "wallpaper" wonít print and your hard copy will appear more crisp. (You must be using Word 8.0 and above, that is, Office 98, 2000, 2002 or 2003).

Here are two ways to do this:


While on the website, Go to the top drop down Menu "File", Then "Save as", pick the folder where you want to save it, but WAIT! Before clicking on "save", go down to the bottom of the "save" screen to "save as type" and change it from a webpage to a Word Doc. Or "text .txt" THEN save it.

(This last process converts the webpage (HTML) into Text (.doc), and the "wallpaper" (background graphics) disappears, and the printed copy will appear more crisp.

NOW you can change the fonts, page set up, and change the text to suit your needs. (Just remember where you saved it, and open it with Word.

One more hint:

If you are sending a Word document to someone that has an old computer or who is using Word Perfect (like a lawyer or a banker) or a Mac, when you choose the "save as type", and you choose "text" Ė almost ANY computer can then open the document.


While on the website, right click the page, then "Select All". The text will pop up highlighted. Then right click again on the highlighted text, click "Copy". Minimize your web browser program (e.g. Internet Explorer) then open a new blank page in Word, and right click to "Paste" the text on the Word page.

Save it as you normally would save a document