Before we  can show you a property, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Arizona Dept. of Real Estate we must offer you a written agreement explaining what we do for you. This is that agreement.

 We agree to help you find, and then negotiate the lease of a property to meet your needs or instructions, and to be your agent. We must have your consent to do this. This serves as notice that we, ___________ (Brokerage) are hereby appointed as  your ďTenant RepresentativeĒ for you and related persons and entities.

 We will show you  properties that are listed [   ]in the local Multiple Listing System, and/or are otherwise  [   ]  listed for lease or sale by our firm or other brokerage firms.  If we show you a property listed by our firm, we would be a dual agent for that transaction. If you lease one of the properties we show you, we will be paid _____% of any commission paid by  the Owner, or whatever portion we agree to with the listing broker.

This notice shall apply to all properties shown to you by us, including the following properties or types of properties:

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________, and any other properties shown to you by us as your Broker during the term of this appointment. This is NOT an exclusive arrangement, except for the properties named, described, or referred to above; you can use another broker for other properties that we donít show you. You are not obligated to pay our firm at all, except if the Owner of an unlisted property wonít pay us (see attached Unlisted Properties supplement).

This appointment shall remain in effect for ____ days (expiration date).  Either the Tenant  or the broker can cancel this arrangement with 30 days notice to the other. Both parties have received a copy.

 Date: ____________

 Tenant: For myself, related parties and entities.

Print Name: _____________________________  Signature: _______________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________  Fax: ___________________________


For Tenant Representative Broker:

Name of company: _________________________________________________________

Print  Agentís Name:______________________________ 

Agentís Signature: ________________________________

Address: ___________________________Phone: _____________ Fax: ______________

Copyright 1997 by the COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE, Inc. To obtain permission to use this form, call (602) 837-8687.
Any use without permission is unlawful.



For Lease By Owner (FLBO) Properties

This is a supplement to the Tenant Representative Appointment Letter dated ________________.

My broker or I may identify a prospective property that is not listed for lease, or that the listing broker will not pay my broker (FLBO Property). In the event I elect to lease such a FLBO property, I agree to either:

1.      Require as a condition of lease that the Owner pay to my broker a fee of _____ percent of the lease value; or

2. I will pay my broker at possession or occupancy a fee  as follows:


 I am not obligated to pay the broker any fee in the event a lease or purchase does not occur.



Print Name(s): _____________________________  Signature: _______________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________


For Tenant Representative Broker:

Print Name of company: ___________________________________

Print Agentís Name:_______________________________________ 

Agentís Signature: ________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________ Phone: _____________

 Copyright 1997 by the COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE, Inc. To obtain permission to use this form, call (602) 837-8687.

 Any use without permission is unlawful.

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Tell the Tenant that such a form is a new legal requirement in Arizona. Tell them it is the same as always, but now in writing. Thatís all.  No change.

 Tell them you are normally paid by the Owner on any property that is listed, and the form says this. They donít owe you anything if

1. They donít buy a property you showed them , or

          2. The Owner pays you.

 They can use other agents if they are not happy with you, and can fire you. Let them read it.

 Reassure them that it is business as usual. We just are putting it in writing.

 Thatís it.  Thatís all.

 Ask them to sign the Notice of appointment.  It is simple.

Then ask if they want to deal with properties that are not listed Ė they take longer and are harder to negotiate. If they want you to show them properties that are not listed, show them the supplement.

          For #2 on the supplement, the fee can be any of the following. Pick one:


_______% of the lease value

$______ per hour, per monthly statement, not to exceed _____% or $_____.

 (this is complicated and requires you to keep track of your time in detail, and to submit statements, as a Counselor.)


Have the forms partially filled out.  As a matter of brokerage policy, a Designated Broker can legally ďsetĒ the minimum fees within a firm.  You could actually have the forms entirely pre-typed, except for the buyerís name and address, and the list of properties, making it even easier to use. Donít be angry about additional paperwork.  These forms will protect you, and also comply with the new law.

Copyright 1997 by the COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE INSTITUTE, Inc. To obtain permission to use this form, call (602) 837-8687.

 Any use without permission is unlawful.