The undersigned, of ____________ , _________, have made, constituted and appointed, and do make, constitute and appoint, __________________ of ___________, ___________, our true and lawful attorney in fact, for us and in our names and stead, and to our use,

to enter into agreements to purchase real estate, to give instructions to escrow agents, exchange accommodators, intermediaries, and real estate agents and to nominate or specify exchange properties, and hereby giving to my attorney in fact, full authority and power to do everything whatsoever requisite or necessary to be done relating to the purchase of real estate in the State of ____________,

as fully as we could or might do if personally present, with full power of substitution and revocation, hereby confirming and ratifying all that our said attorney in fact shall lawfully do or cause to be done, hereunder.

______________________________ ____________________________

_________________, Grantor               ___________________, Grantor


__________________, Attorney-in-Fact



This instrument was acknowledged before me on _________, 200_, in _________, __________ by the persons whose signatures appears above.

STATE OF ____________ )

______________ COUNTY )

NOTARY PUBLIC: _____________________________________

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My seal and appointment expire: ___________________