For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Properties

This is a supplement to the Buyer Broker Appointment Letter dated ________________.

My broker or I may identify a prospective property that is not listed for sale or one where the listing agent wonít pay my broker (FSBO Property). In the event I elect to purchase such a FSBO property, I agree to either:

  1. Require as a condition of sale that the Seller pay to my broker a fee of _____ percent of the sale price; or

2. I will pay my broker, at close of and through escrow, a fee as follows:


I am not obligated to pay the broker any fee in the event a lease or purchase does not occur.

I am not obligated to pay the broker any fee if the property is listed unless the listing agent wonít pay my broker.


Print Name(s): _____________________________ Signature: _______________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

For Buyer Broker:

Print Name of company: ___________________________________

Print Agentís Name:_______________________________________

Agentís Signature: ________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________ Phone: _____________


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