Becoming a Certified Specialist
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The Practice of real estate is becoming specialized, much like the practice of medicine. Just as professional medical associations and medical schools certify physicians as specialized in pediatrics, oncology, gynecology, dermatology, cardiology, and the like, so do real estate associations and schools.

The Commercial Real Estate Institute, Inc. certifies real estate agents in the specialty fields of Commercial Sales (Certified Commercial Sales Specialist™, or "CCSS"), Commercial Leasing (Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist™, or "CCLS"), Land Sales (Certified Land Sales Specialist™, or "CLSS") or Certified Residential Investor Representative™, or "CRIR".

Why should you spend your time and money to become specialized? To become more efficient in the use of your time, more effective with your clients, and to make more money.

Your designation as a Certified Specialist will help you as follows:

1. Your self confidence in your selected field of practice will be enhanced. You will in fact KNOW more, and that knowledge will enable you to work more effectively. Self confidence "sells".

2. You will have a valid credential that will call the attention of employing brokers, making it easier for you to work for a company that you prefer.

3. It will be easier to get listings. You will know how to get them. Owners will choose you over uncredentialed competition. We will give you tools you can use, to show prospective clients why they should use YOU.

4. It will be easier to work with buyers with money. They prefer agents who go beyond the "norm", and have proven that you choose to excel. You will have tools that will get you paid when you work with buyers with money. You WILL give better service to your buyers, and they will refer you to other future buyer clients.

5. Your deals will be more likely to close, as a direct result of following our suggestions to improve business, oversee due diligence, assure transaction reliability, and reduce risk.

6. You will be less likely to be sued or to lose a lawsuit.

In addition, as a Member of the Institute, you get:
(1) Your own personal professional credentials webpage that can be a powerful Listing tool, which can be linked to your own website.
(2) Access to the "Members Only" portion of the CREI website, which contains many useful forms in electronic format that can enhance your profits and reduce your risks.

(3) Free subscription to the CCLS HotLine, a closed circuit consultation and referral system ONLY for CCLS Specialists and Faculty, using email.

(4) You have access to the Members Only website which contains useful and valuable forms, articles, and other information to enhance your service to your clients and customers.

(5) You receive discounts on renewal classes and seminars provided by the Institute or some of its affiliates.


(6)  You receive an annual CD with the latest, most useful forms for your specialization, plus information to share with clients.


(7) You receive marketing and promotional opportunities and material you can use to promote yourself, as a Specialist.

There are no guarantees in life, love, or business, but these are some of the advantages of being a Certified specialist by the CREI, as we have been told by our graduates, and as we have experienced ourselves.