Using a Certified Specialist
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The Practice of real estate is becoming specialized, much like the practice of medicine. Just as professional medical associations and medical schools certify physicians as specialized in pediatrics, oncology, gynecology, dermatology, cardiology, and the like, so do real estate associations and schools.

The Commercial Real Estate Institute, Inc. certifies real estate agents in the specialty fields of Commercial Sales (Certified Commercial Sales Specialist™, or "CCSS"), Commercial Leasing (Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist™, or "CCLS") , or Land Sales (Certified Land Sales Specialist™, or "CLSS").

Just as specialized doctors have to take advanced training to obtain their certification, so do our specialists.

Our Certified Specialists must first obtain a real estate license in the State in which they practice, just as doctors do. They have to pass an extensive series of academic examinations, covering all areas of real estate practice. Most States require 60 to 120 hours of schooling before a license candidate can even take the State examination.

Once they are licensed, they must then apply to the Institute for candidacy in one of our specializations. Once accepted as a candidate, the agent must take additional intermediate and advanced courses, usually 36 to 45 credit hours. When the candidate completes the classes, there is a comprehensive written examination and an essay documenting a practical application of what they have learned in their specialty.

When you hire a Certified Specialist™, you are assured that your real estate agent has taken the time, expense, and effort to advance their knowledge and proficiency more than other agents.

This means that you will receive more professional service, and have the advantage of a true Specialist on your side, representing you to accomplish your objectives with your commercial real estate, or land.