CCLS Video Tapes
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The Commercial Real Estate Institute offers our Certified Commercial Leasing Specialist (CCLS) program on VHS tape or DVD.

There are 13 videos to view. Listed below are the tapes available:

  • CCLS 101: Market Analysis for Commercial Rentals
  • CCLS 102: Effective Listing Techniques for Commercial Leasing
  • CCLS 103: Commercial Tenant Representation
  • CCLS 104: Build to Suit
  • CCLS 105: Ethics & Rules for Commercial Tenant Representation
  • CCLS 106: Fair Dealings & the Commercial Lease
  • CCLS 107: Office Lease Forms
  • CCLS 108: Retail Lease Forms
  • CCLS 109: Industrial Lease Forms
  • CCLS 110: Commercial Lease Analysis
  • CCLS 111: Due Diligence & Property Analysis
  • CCLS 112: Environmental Issues Affecting Commercial                  Tenants/Landlords
  • CCLS 113: Commercial Lease Law Case Studies
  • CCLS 114: Commercial Leasing Closing & Litigation Avoidance
  • CCLS 115: Client Communication & Risk Reduction

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Along with the complete set of videos, you will receive a full 13-tab binder with each class' material included in each tab. We do also offer these classes in DVD and computer video. When you have completed these videos, please call Crystal at 602-285-1433 or 866-585-1433 and she will send the final exam by mail to you. Your final exam is take-home, open book. You need to mail back your exam once completed to receive your certification.

As a side note, the videos are exactly the same as what is taught in the actual class but the real estate department does not see these videotapes as cause for renewal credit hours.

Good Luck and enjoy your learning process!

To order, call 602-285-1433 or Toll-free 866-585-1433