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All classes are approved by the Nevada Real Estate Commission.

CCSS 101: Introduction to Commercial Real Estate: An overview of commercial real estate practice, which provides a new agent or a residential agent with the basic vocabulary, forms, tools, and training to proceed with commercial listing or sales activity with confidence. It is also an excellent review for the commercial agent. It includes classes on listings, buyer representation, negotiation, contracts, client service, information sources, practical tools to succeed, through closing, title problems, and follow-up.

CCSS 102: Legal Preventive Maintenance; Practicing Safe Real Estate: A practical risk reduction class, focusing on the most common causes of exposure to litigation resulting from brokerage practice, and steps to help reduce those exposures.

CCSS 103: Advanced 1031 Exchanges: This class presumes that the student knows what a 1031 exchange is. Class covers reverse exchanges, construction or rehab exchanges, partial exchanges, and other advanced techniques relating primarily to commercial investors.

CCSS 104: Valuation of Commercial Property: The fundamentals of commercial appraisal, including cost, income, and market data approaches, and supply and demand analysis techniques.

CCSS 105: Income/Expense Analysis: APOD: How to prepare a one page summary income and expense analysis of rental properties of all types, using a standard form developed by CCIMs. (The CCIM designation and the APOD form are part of the CCIM Institute of the National Association of Realtors®. CREI is a privately owned corporation not related to NAR.)

CCSS 106: Effective Listing Techniques for Commercial Real Estate: Practical explanations of the various types of listing and commission agreements most common to commercial practice, including exclusives with an exclusion, one party, net, and open listings, as well as commission agreements. Sample forms are included as handouts.

CCSS 107: Marketing and Sales Techniques: An examination of several marketing techniques for commercial properties, including hard copy flyers, property packages, profiles, multimedia presentations, internet formats, advertising, and formal face-to-face presentations.

CCSS 108: Fair Dealings and The Commercial Contract: Specific guidance of how to deal with BOTH parties in a transaction in a fair and equitable manner, with specific practices, techniques, and trade-offs that can create a balanced commercial purchase and sale contract.

CCSS 109: Commercial Contract Form: Detailed review of a local Commercial Purchase Contract Form, page-by-page, with suggestions on completion and common alternatives to default wording. Class includes various approaches for Buyer’s Contingencies, and a brief summary of the use of Letters of Intent.

CCSS 110: Commercial Financing: A broad overview of the various sources of financing a commercial real estate transaction, ranging from seller financing to government guaranteed, and all types in between. Actual sources will be provided, with general guidelines for obtaining the financing.

CCSS 111: Buyer Representation: An upper level agency law course, examines the special fiduciary duties and "due diligence" owed to the Buyer client, as well as practical applications and techniques of Buyer Brokerage.

CCSS 112: Ethics & Rules for Buyer/Tenant Representation: An advanced analysis of the Arizona State laws, Commissioner’s Rules, and applicable common law (the REALTOR® Code of Ethics) relating to Buyer Brokerage or Tenant Representation.

CCSS 113: Commercial Property Environmental Issues: An introductory overview of the most common environmental issues affecting commercial properties, as well as procedures to follow, including Phases I, II, III and IV. Covers the selection and use of consultants, contractors, and engineers, and State and Federal regulation.

CCSS 114: Disclosure and Due Diligence: This course examines the variety of inspection, seller disclosure (including the a commonly used Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement form), broker disclosure, and Buyer due diligence issues most commonly affecting commercial practice. Topics include Land and soils, water damage, structural and other building issues, zoning and land use, environmental, utilities, easements and other title issues, and other potentially significant cost items.

CCSS 115: Commercial Risk Reduction & Communication with the Public: How to improve communication and relationships with clients and the public, resulting in reduced legal risks and risk of loss to the client, customers, and others involved in a transaction. Also, how to provide full disclosure and comply with state advertising rules, in ways that are easiest for the public to use.

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All classes are approved by the Nevada Real Estate Commission.

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