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All documents in this Library are copyrighted by the Commercial Real Estate Institute, inc., which grants you a personal conditional use license to use the forms.

By using the files in this library, you:

1.) Are a current member of the Commercial Real Estate Institute, and:

2.) Do agree to the following terms and restrictions:

You may modify, edit, change, and use any and all of these forms for your own personal professional practice.

You may NOT share, distribute, or otherwise allow other persons to use these forms or the modified, edited, or changed versions, without specific written consent of the Commercial Real Estate Institute, Inc.

Permission may be obtained by calling 602-285-1433 and by sending in the required forms with the names and signatures of any further authorized users, subject to CREI approval.

In any case, these forms are copyrighted by Commercial Real Estate Institute Inc., and all rights are reserved. In any case, no version of these forms can be re-distributed as part of any education, training, or mentoring program by you or anyone else.

We hope these forms will be useful to you in your practice.


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