Residential Investor Representative
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Certified Residential Investor Representative

CRIR 101: Residential Investors as Clients: How to assist an investor to buy residential property to rent or re-sell, as an investment. Student will learn how investment sales is different from residential owner-occupancy purchases. Course includes practical techniques, tax considerations, and how investors view their objectives.  3 Hours Agency Law CE Credit

CRIR 102: Qualifying the Residential Investor: The two-way interview: finding out what the client does and does not know. Also, learning what the client's objectives are, and educating the client how to accomplish them. Overview of financial qualifying.  3 Hours Agency Law CE Credit

CRIR 103: Professional Support for Residential Investors: (Team playing). How to qualify and select, then work with, other professionals needed for the investor client.  3 hours General CE Credit

CRIR 104: Basic Income/Expense Analysis: How to prepare or review an income & expense statement.   3 Hours General CE Credit

CRIR 105: Residential Investor Financing: Types of loans available. Application and qualifying requirements. Underwriting standards and procedures.  3 Hours General CE Credit

CRIR 106: Residential Investor Financing Alternatives: Raising equity from partners; seller carry-backs, lease options, "wrap-arounds", options to purchase, etc.  3 Hours General CE Credit

CRIR 107: Buyer Representation: Serving the buyer's interests. How to structure the relationship and compensation.  3 hours General CE Credit

CRIR 108: Contract Writing for Residential Investors: Use of standard forms, Letters of Intent, special contingency and Addenda wording needed to protect the client.  3 Hours Contract Law CE Credit

CRIR 109: Negotiating the Contract for Residential Investors: Effective techniques to get what the client wants to accomplish. Trade-offs that actually work.  3 Hours Contract Law CE Credit

CRIR 110: How to Buy Property in Foreclosure (Distressed Properties 101): Covers all three stages; (1) Pre-foreclosure, including both delinquency and default. (2) At the trustee's auction. (3) REO from the lender.  6 Hours Legal Issues CE Credit

CRIR 111: How to Buy Property in Bankruptcy (Distressed Properties 103): Buying from Chapters 7, 11, and 13. Special procedures to protect the client and yourself.  6 Hours Legal Issues CE Credit

CRIR 112: Short Sales (Distressed Properties 105): How to obtain equity write-offs from owners and lenders. Procedures that actually work to buy at a discount.  3 Hours Legal Issues & 3 Hours Agency Law

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