Classes tailored for the commercial finance professional

Build To Suit General CLSS 111 and CCLS 104

A broad scoped examination of the variety of build to suit transactions by which a commercial user can obtain a building designed and built to their specific needs. Includes the userís needs assessment, site assessment, legal structuring, and financing.

Client Communication: Agency CCSS and CCLS 115

How to improve communication and relationships with clients and the public, resulting in reduced legal risks and risk of loss to the client, customers, and others involved in a transaction. Also, how to provide full disclosure and comply with state advertising rules, in ways that are easiest for the public to use.

Commercial Financing: 3 hours General/Finance CE credit. CCSS 110

A broad overview of the various sources of financing a commercial real estate transaction, ranging from seller financing to government guaranteed, and all types in between. Actual sources will be provided, with general guidelines for obtaining the financing.

Commercial Lease Analysis; a Tenantís Perspective: 3 hours Contract Law CCLS 108

An analysis of the legal terms of commercial leases, and their effect on a tenant, including both legal and financial impacts. Suggestions for alternatives from the Tenantís perspective..

Disclosure and Due Diligence: Disclosure CCSS 114

This course examines the variety of inspection, seller disclosure (including the Arizona Association of REALTORSģ Sellerís Property Disclosure Statement form), broker disclosure, and Buyer due diligence issues most commonly affecting commercial practice. Topics include Land and soils, water damage, structural and other building issues, zoning and land use, environmental, utilities, easements and other title issues, and other potentially significant cost items.

Due Diligence and Property Analysis for the Commercial Lease: 3 hours General CCLS 109

Extensive checklists for both the tenant and the landlord that should be used before entering a commercial lease, to protect both the client and the broker. Practical applications of "standards of care" for commercial leasing agents

Environmental Issues & Land Real Estate Legal Issues CLSS 104

An overview of the "red flags" to alert a land broker that the property may have land contamination. Also includes modern remediation techniques that may be cost effective, and the use of environmental consultants, engineers, and contractors

HP 10 B Calculator General

(You must have a Hewlett Packard 10B financial calculator to use in this class.) How to use the HP 10B for the most commonly used real estate financial functions, including loan amortization, amortization of tenant improvements over the life of a lease, calculating square footage, using the multiple memory feature, etc.

Income/ Expense Analysis General/Finance CCSS 104

How to properly prepare a one page summary income and expense analysis for rental properties of all types, using the standard Annual Property Operating Data form developed by CCIMs. (The CCIM designation and the APOD form are part of the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CIREI) of the National Association of Realtorsģ. CREI is a privately owned corporation not related to CIREI.)

Market Analysis for Commercial Rental Props. General CCLS 101

Procedure for conducting a market rent and availability survey for space for lease. Class also covers research resources needed and available to collect the information, and protocols used in the business

Land Development & Engineering General CLSS 110

Basic principals of land engineering, as part of the land development process. Also covers "red flags" of land that suggest the need for the use of an engineer early in the land development process, and the basic steps in land development.

Land Financing General/Finance CLSS 112

Explanation of why land financing is different from all other forms of real estate financing, as well as the most common sources, and how to prepare for obtaining, and negotiating, land financing.

Lease Closing: Real Estate Legal Issues CCLS 112

Checklists for assuring that all procedures have been followed, using common commercial real estate industry standards, leading to transfer of possession to the tenant.

Valuation of Commercial Real Estate General/Finance CCSS 105

The fundamentals of commercial appraisal, including cost, income, and market data approaches, and supply and demand analysis techniques.

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