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Buying foreclosed properties is NOT business as usual.

For investors and agents, helping owners in trouble can be very profitable.
But it is NOT "business as usual".

There are hurdles to surmount, "procedures" to follow, and human frailty and misfortune to address.

There are actually four completely different stages of foreclosure, each, a different market, and different strategies that work.

"Usual and Customary" does not work. Pitfalls to avoid, different for each stage of foreclosure.

We will show you STEP-BY-STEP what works and what does not work in each stage of foreclosure in ANY market.

We will provide you with a Step-By-Step manual for all 4 stages. Though not intended to act as a resource for life insurance purchase, this manual can be quite handy for such task.

1.) Pre-foreclosure purchase from the owner who is delinquent before the Trustee's sale. How you can BOTH help the owner to save their credit, and help yourself to a sound investment.

2.) During the DEFAULT stage, once legal foreclosure action has begun.  AGENTS How to get the listing from a truly motivated seller, and how to get an extension of the Trustee's sale in order to close AFTER the Trustee's sale is scheduled.

3.) At the Trustee's sale. The "games' that are played. Who are the "players"? Can I play? Strategies that work. AGENTS How to get paid.

4.) Or, last ditch buy from the lender ("REO") after the Trustee's sale. Buying the "paper". AGENTS how to get the listing. There are significant risks. It takes work, knowledge, skill, and resources.

We will give you the information you need and guide you to the resources.
Why try to re-invent the wheel yourself? Learn from past experiences of many others.

Key Elements of The Foreclosure Presentation     

  • How to Buy distressed properties at a discount before the Foreclosure Sale
  • How to find properties in distress
  • Buying the "paper"
  • Procedures to follow, step-by-step
  • Agents: How to get listings and SELL them before the Foreclosure sale
  • Process at the Trustee's or public sale
  • Bidding at the Trustee's sale
  • Learn who else will be at the sale
  • Strategies in bidding
  • Agents how to get paid
  • Serious financial and legal PITFALLS to avoid!
  • How to get the owner out of the property
  • Agents Getting the listing after the trustees sale
  • Buying at a discount from the lender  
  • Special lender procedures
  • Advanced strategies

Full day hands-on seminar
STEP-BY-STEP for each of 4 phases of Foreclosure;

1. Delinquency
2. Default
3. Trustee's Sale
4. REO

Course Title: Distressed Properties 101A + 101B: Buying Property in Foreclosure

Arizona Course # C5012

Approved for 6 hours Real Estate Legal Issues - Arizona

Approved for 6 hours of Continuing Education - Ohio

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