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Objective : Upon completion of this course the novice investor will have an understanding of using the Lease / Option as an investment strategy on single-family homes. The student will also have a basic working knowledge of finding, funding, and marketing properties, along with legal and contractual considerations.  

Course Materials :

              Arizona Landlord Tenant Act
              Various Real Estate Contracts (ex. Lease / Purchase, Deeds)
              Individual Credit Reports
              Internet Access


Session #1--Contract Law

    Lease Option Contract
    Optionee Consideration  
    Optionor Obligation
    Termination Lease Option
    Arizona Landlord / Tenant Act

Session #2--Finding Your Investment Properties

    Writing Offers
    Pro Forma Statements

Session #3-Negotiating Your Best Deal

    What To Look For While Negotiating
    Using Attorney's Effectively
    Negotiating Price and / or Terms

Session #4--Funding Your Investment Properties

    Hard Money Considerations
    Traditional Lenders
    Non-Traditional Sources
    No Money Down Transactions

Session #5-- Title Company

    Transfer Of Title
    Title Reports
    Mortgage v Trust Deed
    Title Insurance & Recordation

Session #6--Finding the Right Optionee

    Deciphering Credit Reports
    Understanding FICO / Fair Isaac Score
    Marketing Property
    Documenting Your Transactions

Session #7—Putting It All Together

    Assembling A Team
    Accurate Record Keeping
    The Next Step

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