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C U R R I C U L U M – Nevada

CRIR 101: Residential Investors as Clients. How to assist an investor to buy residential property to rent or re-sell, as an investment. Student will learn how investment sales are different from residential owner-occupancy purchases. Course includes practical techniques, tax considerations, and how investors view their objectives. 3 hours General CE 3082

CRIR 102 & 103: Qualifying & Assisting the Residential Investor. The two-way interview: finding out what the client does and does not know, as well as learning what the client’s objectives are, and educating the client how to accomplish them. Overview of financial qualifying. How to qualify and select, then work with, other professionals needed for the investor client. 3 hours General CE 3104; 1 hour no credit; total 4 classroom hours.

CRIR 104: Income/Expense Analysis. How to prepare or review an income & expense statement. 3 hours General CE 3094

CRIR 105-106: Residential Investor Financing & Alternatives. Types of loans available. Application and qualifying requirements. Underwriting standards and procedures; seller carry-backs, lease options, "wrap-arounds", options to purchase, etc 4 hours General CE 3092

CRIR 107: Buyer Representation. Serving the buyer’s interests. How to structure the relationship and compensation. 3 hours Law Ethics CE 3069 LE

CRIR 108 & 109: Contract Writing for Residential Investors. Use of standard forms, Letters of Intent, special contingency and Addenda wording needed to protect the client. Trade-offs in the contract that actually work to accomplish client objectives. 4 hours General CE 3093

CRIR 110: Distressed Props 101: How To Buy Property in Foreclosure (6). Covers all three stages: (1) Pre-foreclosure, including both delinquency and default (2) At the Trustee’s auction (3) REO from the lender. 5 hours Law Ethics (approval pending)

CRIR 111: Distressed Properties 103: How To Buy Property in Bankruptcy (6) Buying from Chapters 7, 13, and 11. Special procedures to protect the client and yourself. 3 hours Law Ethics; 3 hours General (approval pending)

CRIR 112: Distressed Properties 105: Short Sales (6). How to obtain equity write-offs from owners and lenders. Procedures that actually work to buy at a discount. 3- General, 3 Law Ethics (approval pending)

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